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Really!? you’re taking 90 minutes longer to do something and you can’t let me know. #frustrated 

why can’t people be respectful… life would be so much simpler

i really don’t understand the thought process of most women… why can’t they just say what they want as opposed to beating around the bush and lead you in the wrong direction. if you wanted a phone call, just say so. I can’t read your mind and I’m tired of trying and failing at it.

What will it take for you to realize that I’m waiting for you to text me? I want to feel like you miss me enough to send me a random text during the day or good morning. I’m tired of feeling like you don’t miss me and that I don’t mean that much to you.

What’s Genocide?

their high school principal
told me I couldn’t teach
poetry with profanity
so I asked my students,
“Raise your hand if you’ve heard of the Holocaust.”
in unison, their arms rose up like poisonous gas
then straightened out like an SS infantry
“Okay. Please put your hands down.
Now raise your hand if you’ve heard of the Rwandan genocide.”
blank stares mixed with curious ignorance
a quivering hand out of the crowd
half-way raised, like a lone survivor
struggling to stand up in Kigali
“Luz, are you sure about that?”
“That’s what I thought.”

“Carlos—what’s genocide?”

they won’t let you hear the truth at school
if that person says “fuck”
can’t even talk about “fuck”
even though a third of your senior class
is pregnant.

I can’t teach an 18-year-old girl in a public school
how to use a condom that will save her life
and that of the orphan she will be forced
to give to the foster care system—
“Carlos, how many 13-year-olds do you know that are HIV-positive?”

“Honestly, none. But I do visit a shelter every Monday and talk with
six 12-year-old girls with diagnosed AIDS.”
while 4th graders three blocks away give little boys blowjobs during recess
I met an 11-year-old gang member in the Bronx who carries
a semi-automatic weapon to study hall so he can make it home
and you want me to censor my language

“Carlos, what’s genocide?”

your books leave out Emmett Till and Medgar Evers
call themselves “World History” and don’t mention
King Leopold or diamond mines
call themselves “Politics in the Modern World”
and don’t mention Apartheid

“Carlos, what’s genocide?”

you wonder why children hide in adult bodies
lie under light-color-eyed contact lenses
learn to fetishize the size of their asses
and simultaneously hate their lips
my students thought Che Guevara was a rapper
from East Harlem
still think my Mumia t-shirt is of Bob Marley
how can literacy not include Phyllis Wheatley?
schools were built in the shadows of ghosts
filtered through incest and grinding teeth
molded under veils of extravagant ritual

“Carlos, what’s genocide?”

“Roselyn, how old was she? Cuántos años tuvo tu madre cuando se murió?”

“My mother had 32 years when she died. Ella era bellísima.”

…what’s genocide?

they’ve moved from sterilizing “Boriqua” women
injecting indigenous sisters with Hepatitis B,
now they just kill mothers with silent poison
stain their loyalty and love into veins and suffocate them

…what’s genocide?

Ridwan’s father hung himself
in the box because he thought his son
was ashamed of him

…what’s genocide?

Maureen’s mother gave her
skin lightening cream
the day before she started the 6th grade

…what’s genocide?

she carves straight lines into her
beautiful brown thighs so she can remember
what it feels like to heal

…what’s genocide?
…what’s genocide?

“Carlos, what’s genocide?”

“Luz, this…
this right here…
is genocide.”

“What’s Genocide?” by Carlos Andres Gomez  (via queer-hex)


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Worth reading and thinking over for a bit before you scroll on. Take a moment, don’t rush through everything.

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it’d be great to know what sort of an imprint we’ll leave behind us when we’re gone

has your mind ever been so distracted by one specific thing, that it makes doing literally anything else impossible, such as running a show or reading a book? it sucks; it feels like there’s a giant battle raging in my head over all of the convoluted thoughts that are running around up there :/

some days you just want to curl up in a ball and forget about your life and reality

dinner with my family :)

dinner with my family :)

a nice cup of tea before tech starts  (at Porthouse Theater)

a nice cup of tea before tech starts (at Porthouse Theater)